Elin Manon is your place to get zero waste, individual and characterful designs from sustainable materials. With a focus on fully fashioned knitwear and fashions from up cycled materials. 

Debuted in 2018 during London Fashion Week with a collection made from upcycled lace net curtains and waste wool from the Welsh woollen industry and carpet industries. From there developed some of our signature styles, including the Tegan jumper which has since been developed into the Tegan scarves, a patchwork of merino and recycled tapestry wool.

Elin's designs are made to be characterful, yet timeless, satisfying the offbeat bohemians of our world. We are not Rachel Green but Pheobe Buffay. We do things slightly differently, opting for smaller collections in limited runs, creating value in each piece we make. 

All items on this website are made in the UK with the majority being made in our studio and in the local community of Ammanford, Carmarthenshire.